Which animals would benefit from using PEMF devices?

PEMF technology helps to activate the body’s own anti-inflammatory system, so the devices are useful for all pets with inflammation - be this in stiff joints, wounds or anxious brains. The different signals that the various devices use vary, and some are specific to certain areas, such as the brain - which is particularly useful for dogs with anxiety.

How do PEMF devices work?

The devices emit an electromagnetic waveform signal. These waveforms are 1/1000th the strength of a mobile phone signal, so very safe to use. The signals radiate out from the device into the body, over the area which the device is held. The signal has an effect on the damaged cells in this area, activating the anti-inflammatory system. The anti-inflammatory system reduces pain and swelling and stimulates healing amongst other things. Devices that work on brains have a different signal that also support the brain’s ability to produce feel good endorphin-like chemicals.

Are PEMF devices easy to use?

One of the standout features of PEMF devices are their ease of use, and due to being portable they can be used at home. They are very easy for owners to operate – simply press the power button, put in the correct place and after 15 minutes they automatically turn off. Some devices come with convenience vests, which hold the devices in the correct place, allowing for hands off use. Pets can enjoy their sessions with the PEMF devices from the comfort of home - perfect for anxious dogs who don’t like to travel or visit the vets.

How quickly do PEMF devices work?

All animals are individuals, so they all have the ability to respond differently. Some pets respond positively after just a few sessions with the device, others need a few weeks. Devices which help with anxiety should be used for 4-6 weeks for maximum benefits. Most dogs don’t need any further use after this, but some will benefit from using it beyond 6 weeks. Some dogs will show positive changes in just a few weeks, but using it for the full 6 weeks is still advised, for a lasting result.

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