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Product Description

A popular model and size, the 20cm 2.0 Manual Loop uses targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF™) technology to support the body’s own anti-inflammatory actions. This provides comfort for your pet, as it helps to keep them healthy and maintains mobility.

This non -invasive, non-pharmaceutical device is lightweight, safe and easy to use. The loop is also clinically proven for a wide range of uses and recommended and used by vets.

  • Supporting and soothing joints in ageing stiff dogs
  • Supporting joint health and an active canine lifestyle
  • Assisting the natural repair of the muscles and skin
  • Aiding recovery from surgery
  • Beneficial for many other conditions - talk to your vet to learn more

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  • Available in two sizes: 10cm and 20cm
  • The 20cm loop works at a depth of 25cm on either side of the black coil applicator
  • The applicator coil is comfortable and easy to position next to, or around, the intended area of use
  • The 25cm loop size is appropriate for use on larger areas of the body
  • If the loop needs to be used on an area >20cm in diameter, multiple sessions in adjacent locations may need to be carried out to cover the full area 
  • The loop shuts itself off after each 15-minute session. No timer needed!
  • Offers a minimum of 150 15-minute sessions
  • Easy to administer at home or in a clinical setting
  • Individual protocols can be carried out
  • Can be used over wraps, dressings and casts
  • The battery in this item cannot be recharged or replaced – to optimize battery life, we recommend waiting two hours in between use
  • Avoid using the Assisi Loop near large metal objects, as doing so may reduce the beneficial effects of the loop

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Assisi Loop 2.0 20cmAssisi Loop 2.0 20cmAssisi Loop 2.0 20cmAssisi Loop 2.0 20cmAssisi Loop 2.0 20cm