About Us

About Incubate Animal Health

We believe that pets are part of our families and should benefit from the very best support to live happy and healthy lives.



Every member of the team at Incubate Animal Health, from our vets and animal scientists to our office staff, is an animal-lover dedicated to finding innovative products in the fields of veterinary, animal health and pet care that can support pets in living healthy lives and bring benefits to their well-being.

We recognise the strong bond between people and their pets, and our vision is empower pet owners to be wholeheartedly involved in their pets’ care, well-being and rehabilitation - and to support vets and pet owners in working together closely to care for pets.



We seek out veterinary and pet care innovations from around the world to offer additional tools for vets to use in practice, and for pet owners to be able to support their pets’ health in the comfort of their own homes.

We are passionate about our work and love to share success stories and spread the word about how our innovative products can help pets.


Mungo's Story


Mungo, a stray cat, turned up some years ago at the family home our of Business Development Manager, Jenny. Now an adored pet of older years, he is suffering from severe osteoarthritis in his shoulder, but loves having PEMF therapy with his Assisi Loop so much that he even goes to sleep on it when it's switched off!

Jenny says: "I'm so glad we're able to do something to help Mungo - he's had a hard life and we love him dearly, so to be able to bring him comfort when he needs it is a great privilege."


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