5 Tips For Keeping Dogs Calm

5 Tips For Keeping Dogs Calm

Whether it’s door knocks, returning to work, rehabilitation, a new address, noisy neighbours, Hallowe’en, Bonfire night or Christmas, the list of reasons your pet(s) might be feeling anxious are infinite. So, here’s our top 5 tips for keeping dogs calm.

Safe Space

Creating a safe space in the home that your pet can retreat to is number one on our list of calming techniques. Much like humans who often withdraw to their bedrooms when stressed, creating a designated space for your pet in which they can recentre without the worry of intrusion will often prevent a stressful incident from escalating. It can also be a pre-emptive technique for fighting foreseen incidents and triggers. Which takes us to top tip number two: planning.

Planning Ahead

Anticipating activities and events that you know unsettle your pet will allow you the time needed to incorporate soothing routines. Why not try increasing therapeutic sessions as well as making plans to counteract the triggers? Slowly move dog beds to quieter areas of the house during the run up to periods of loud noise. This will avoid any reactions to abrupt change. Increase your time away from the house but in shorter bursts to allow gradual separation without them feeling the sudden loss of company, whilst also helping them to understand you do always return!

At Home Therapies

Number three on our top 5 tips for keeping dogs calm, is incorporating therapies. Taking a multi-modal approach to issues with anxious dogs can go a long way to both rehabilitating them and picking up on the cues that tell you their behaviours might be displays of stress. Our in-house vet Dr. Fiona Farmer suggests choosing activities that can be actioned at home and around familiar spaces.

The Calmer Canine Bundles comes with everything a pet owner needs for easy, hands-free sessions in the comfort of your own home. The battery-powered device features a halo which emits targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF™) signals to aid the body’s own ability to calm an anxious brain. The microcurrent signals delivered by the device support the brain’s own ability to produce beneficial “feel good” chemicals (like endorphins) as well as the body’s anti-inflammatory actions. This in turn supports the brain’s natural balance, helping your dog to enjoy a calm state of mind.



Healthy guts equate to happier minds. Research into the gut-brain axis has revealed that a well formulated, balanced diet can go a long way in helping reduce anxious behaviours in pets, purely through the promotion of a healthy microbiome.

Dog being given a treat


Dogs are smart and therefore need to be exercised mentally as well as physically. Brain training toys are not only a great way to enhance brain function for learning (especially in younger dogs), but also double up as a distraction for pets during anxious situations by providing them a new focus.

What is your go to technique when your pets are stressed? To share your thoughts or for more tips why not head over to our calmer community Facebook page and stay in the loop.

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