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Calmer Canine System Bundle

Product Description

The Calmer Canine Bundle comes with everything a pet owner needs for easy, hands-free sessions: a battery-operated device and a comfortable, washable vest to hold the device in place.

The battery-powered device features a halo which emits targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Force (tPEMF™) signals to aid the body’s own ability to calm an anxious brain. The microcurrent signals delivered by the device support the brain’s own ability to produce beneficial “feel good” chemicals (like endorphins) as well as the body’s anti-inflammatory actions. This in turn supports the brain’s natural balance, helping your dog to enjoy a calm state of mind.

The easy-to-use, comfortable vest, which is also included in this bundle, acts to hold the device in the ideal position during use to allow for hands free operation.

Download the Calmer Canine Manual


  • Battery- operated device featuring a 18cm applicator halo (also available in 13cm size)
  • Device should be kept within 10cm of dog’s head while in use
  • Washable vests come in five sizes (extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large – see chart below for measurements)
  • Safe, effective and proven to help
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Sensation-free
  • The device shuts itself off after each 15-minute session. No timer needed!
  • Option for use of device without vest e.g., if your dog is wearing garments, or they are bothered by the sound of the hook and loop fasteners, you can simply hold the device in place during use
  • Battery-operated with replaceable battery (CR-123A Lithium Primary Cell, 3 Volt, 15mA) included
  • Operate at a temperature between 10°C and 35°C and a relative humidity between 8% and 75% (non-condensing)
  • Store at a temperature between -16°C and 40°C and a relative humidity between 8% and 75% (non-condensing)

Sizing Chart

Size Neck Chest
XS 15cm-23cm 25cm-38cm
S 23cm-30cm 28cm-51cm
M 30cm-38cm 51cm-63cm
L 38cm-48cm 63cm-81cm
XL 48cm-58cm 81cm-99cm

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Calmer Canine BundleCalmer Canine BundleCalmer Canine BundleCalmer Canine BundleCalmer Canine BundleCalmer Canine BundleCalmer Canine Bundle