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Loop Lounge System

Product Description

The Assisi Loop Lounge™ pads generate the same patented targeted Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF™) technology as the flagship Assisi Loop products, and these microcurrent signals act to support the body’s own anti-inflammatory actions. This provides comfort for your pet, as it helps to keep them healthy and maintains mobility.

This non -invasive, non-pharmaceutical device is safe, easy to use and creates a contained, comfortable space for convenient sessions at home or on the go and is ideal for pets that may not be inclined to sit still. The Assisi Loop Lounge technology is also recommended and used by vets and is clinically proven for a wide range of uses including:

  • Supporting and soothing joints in ageing stiff dogs
  • Supporting joint health and an active canine lifestyle
  • Assisting the natural repair of the muscles and skin
  • Aiding recovery from surgery
  • Beneficial for many other conditions - talk to your veterinarian to learn more

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  • With an effective working zone that extends up to 25cm from the floor any small animal using this device is guaranteed full body sessions
  • Lounge pads contains patented Induct-a-Coil™ technology
  • Pads are available in four sizes (extra-small, small, medium and large – see chart below for measurements)
  • Rechargeable control box with power supply cord for recharging at home or on the go
  • Guaranteed to deliver 6000 sessions
  • Durable, water-resistant, performance fabric cover custom made by BuddyRest®
  • Specifically designed for the award-winning Sleepypod® carriers (see chart below for carrier dimensions) which are crash-tested, independently tested, and certified with a top safety rating from the Centre for Pet Safety (the Loop Lounge can be used with other carriers, but ensure they are metal free).
  • Will not operate at <-17°C
  • Store in a non-humid environment between 1°C and 40°C when not in use, as long-term exposure to temperatures below or above this range will compromise battery life and may result in battery failure
  • Avoid using the Loop Lounge near large metal objects, as doing so may reduce the beneficial effects of the loop

Sizing Chart

 Size Dimensions
XS 19cm x 38cm
S 25cm x 50cm
M 46cm x 92cm
L 60cm x 83cm

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Loop Lounge - Vets / RetailersLoop Lounge - Vets / RetailersLoop Lounge - Vets / Retailers